Capture patients’ electronic consent for complete forms

With Precision’s eSignature technology, part of our eAdmit solution, each patient’s signature is captured electronically on forms and consents to create complete and legal documents, minimizing the potential of identity theft or medical fraud.

Each client is unique so we offer different ways to configure work stations. At the registration desk, Precision provides a dual-screen setup so patients can read all forms before signing. This enables them to correct errors or omissions and gives them peace-of-mind as they have full-view of what they are asked to sign. Once they confirm that all information is correct, they simply sign their forms right on an eSignature pad.

A whole new world beyond paper and pen

Once eSignatures are embedded, the completed forms are archived in the patient’s EHR and easily accessible as the patient moves through the hospital. Your staff can pull the forms needed with confidence that they have signed documents, stamped with time and date. Beyond forms consent, eSignature technology reduces enterprise costs for printing, scanning, storing and sharing paper-based documents. 

Hospital software that works where you do

For smaller hospitals, bedside, or emergency rooms where space is tight, we realize that stationary desk registration may not be possible. Precision provides full functionality with the same technology on smaller, portable platforms. Our mobile solutions work on a wide variety of tablets and eSignature pads—so we can work with what you have or outfit you with what you need.