Health information management
made easy

When you’re managing and processing patient data, you need information that is both easy to access, and also complete, accurate and compliant with all insurance and government regulations.

PDS’ suite of hospital management software collects patient information efficiently with a completely electronic system that eliminates pre-printed forms with digital barcodes on every form – ensuring high-quality data that is ready to be processed when it hits your desk. This makes finding, processing, coding and releasing information simple and fast.

With healthcare solutions from PDS, you get more than paperless registration. We work closely with all departments to develop the electronic forms needed throughout the hospital and understand the entire workflow path, giving you all the data you need to save you time and to avoid:

  • Being out of compliance
  • Late payments
  • Wasted time due to re-work

 Remove headaches from paper-driven processes

As many health service providers have learned, the best way to improve the revenue cycle is at the start of a patient cycle, when first capturing information at registration. When Precision arrives, it’s just 60 days to electronic data and workflows that benefit the entire enterprise from admissions through post-discharge reporting. We know that high quality data is the key to you doing your job effectively. Our solutions are compatible with your HIS and EMR systems.