No upfront capital, immediate
bottom-line results

When it’s your responsibility to manage the bottom line, you look for savings and optimal resource allocation in every department. You know that insurance fraud, administrative re-work, high costs for paper supplies, inefficient paper processes, and IT resources quickly eat away at your revenue, leaving less for innovation and expansion.

Precision’s hospital management software increases efficiency and cuts cost from the day you go live. With our Unique Model, there is no upfront capital investment—and you get everything you need—hardware, software customization, installation, training, and on-going support for one monthly fee.

 Digital workflows enterprise-wide, from admissions through discharge

Your savings start in admissions. With eAdmit, you’ll cut registration time by 50% and collect more accurate information in a completely paperless system, stationary and mobile. This alone will save tens of thousands of dollars in annual paper costs and wasted staff time.  Photo wristbands ensure positive patient ID and eSignature minimizes identity theft and medical fraud. 

With eDemand, eliminate the paper chase with a digital system complete with a full library of current and compliant clinical forms. Your nursing staff can easily access forms needed with pre-populated patient information and bar-coded labels. Both eAdmit and eDemand have downtime recovery processes.

And because we know that OR utilization is high revenue and potentially high cost, we created eSurgical Chart to eliminate incomplete charts that often cause delays. The end result: a higher rate of on-time surgeries, and satisfaction among patients, physicians and staff.

Precision’s software suite meets all regulatory compliance, integrates with your current HIS and EMR system, requires minimal IT resources, and can be implemented in just 60 days. With our collaborative model, we supply all related hardware, software, maintenance and system upgrades for one monthly fee, so you’ll achieve a fast and dramatic ROI.