A comprehensive electronic patient access system

With electronic forms and digital signatures, you no longer have to track down the latest compliant forms, scan/index, or have patients sign their name repeatedly. eAdmit captures all patient information electronically, eliminates labels by printing barcodes on patient forms and creates photo wristbands for positive patient ID, enhanced safety and fraud protection. The eAdmit workflow solution will instantly improve the accuracy of your patient information and create real-time accessibility throughout the enterprise.


Our clients cut patient registration time by 50% with eAdmit


Our clients cut patient registration time by 50% with eAdmit

Registration for patients on the move

Sometimes it’s not possible to collect patient data at a registration desk. Our mobile registration stations capture all of the patient’s information and allow them sign on a broad array of electronic signature devices. You can also scan ID and insurance cards, and capture patients’ photosright at their bedside.

Enhanced patient safety and satisfaction

Consistent with JCAHO guidelines, positive patient ID is a primary goal of every hospital. With photo wristbands, your nursing staff and physicians will know they are treating the right patient with the right protocol. Scanning the barcode will give them everything they need to know about that patient’s illness and treatment planand mitigate medical fraud.

 With high volume admissions,
experience counts

Working with many of the largest hospital systems, Precision processes more than 68 million patient admissions each year in eAdmit. To start, we have hundreds of compliant patient access forms already in our database. Once we understand your workflow and system needs, we’ll customize eAdmit and have it up and running within 60 days with a direct feed to your EHR system. Once installed, eAdmit serves as the redundant layer to your patient management system and delivers multiple business continuity tools for disaster recovery needs so your patient access and revenue cycle operations are not impacted.


Electronic patient record index and management

Digital signatures embedded in patient documents, time and date stamped

Photo wristbands with bar-codes and guardian verification

Multiple language forms pre-populated with patient demographics and labels

Point-of-service-specific form sets

Stationary and mobile registration

HIS and EHR compatible