Immediate savings with automated clinical forms

The sheer volume of clinical paperwork is overwhelming. If your workflow is still manual with pre-printed forms and hand-applied labels, your hospital is losing money. Not only do pre-printed forms quickly become outdated, it costs thousands of dollars every time you have a change and they must be re-printed. And if your staff errs in using outdated, incomplete or mislabeled forms, re-work causes escalated, unnecessary cost. 

 So many hours in each day…re-directed to patient care

eDemand automates the clinical workflow including forms retrieval, bar-coded labels and pre-populated patient data on clinical forms, while eliminating obsolete pre-printed forms and paper labels. eDemand contains more than 35,000 digital clinical forms—customized for your facility—and accessed instantly with a click of a mouse! For your most frequent clinical cases, you can create form packs so all required forms print together. eDemand gives back the time you need to do the job you love with greater accuracy and efficiency. 

Benefits beyond automated, efficient workflows

Producing clinical forms in high volumeover 46 million a yearPrecision delivers expertise. We constantly review and upgrade eDemand functionality to meet your changing needs. We handle new forms, form changes, translationswhatever is needed with quick turnaround guaranteed. eDemand includes Downtime System functionality, so you can always find what you need, when you need it.  With minimal IT involvement and easy for staff to master, eDemand can be working for you in less than 60 days.


35,000+ compliant electronic forms , intranet-based

Single forms and procedure packswith multiple language support

Digital bar-codes embedded on patient formsin multiple formats

Dashboard with form name, version and preview capability

Continued HIPAA and JCAHO compliance

Downtime system functionality

Compatible with current HIS and EHR