Patient access is your priority…
fast, accurate and friendly.

When your job is to welcome new patients and process registrations, you don’t have time to track down forms, scan documents, make copies and apply page after page of labels. You want to gather information in a simple and thorough manner with minimal manual processes that take your time away from your patients.

With eAdmit, patient registration is streamlined from start to finish with an entirely paperless process—no more outdated, illegible pre-printed forms and barcode labels, allowing you to reduce cost and cut registration time by as much as 50%.

 Registration where you need it.

With eAdmit desk registration, patients see all forms displayed on their own screen, in their own language and electronically sign their documents for complete and legal forms. ID and insurance cards are scanned into the system, a photo wristband is printed, and bar-codes appear right on the forms, eliminating the need for labeling—all at a touch of a button! For registration at other locations, eAdmit provides all of the same functionality on mobile technology, including laptops and tablets.

Satisfaction scores high,
from patients and staff

Not only will patient satisfaction rise, your staff will be smiling as well. Rest assured, Precision makes the transition easy.  We maintain a database of 500+ patient access forms, fully compliant in all languages. We’ll be on-site to understand your workflow and deliver a customized solution in as few as 60 days. We’ll train and we’ll be there post-implementation for maintenance, form updates and system upgrades as needed.