Less hospital document scanning, more time with patients

Gone are the days when scanning/indexing was considered revolutionary! Today we know it’s outdated technology that takes a lot of time and leaves your patients waiting. Scanned documents are often blurry and unreadable. Sometimes they get scanned but resources are pulled away before they are indexed and stored in the right location. It’s a multi-step process that’s no longer needed.

Complete and legible patient records...easy, fast and accessible

With paperless registration and eSignature, PDS provides the technology you need to reduce current time spent scanning dozens of documents. Electronic documents are automatically indexed and archived to the patient files. Precision software has built-in security and access levels, and tracks all user activity.  Patient records are complete with a digital tracking of all services rendered and dates of service. Precision’s software contains COLD feed connectors to multiple record retention systems. All processes are HIPAA-compliant.

eDemand provides all the clinical forms you need in digital format, reducing the need to scan and index documents.

When it’s necessary to scan documents such as health insurance cards or patient identification, PDS has you covered with fast scanners and intelligent technology that stores information right in the patient’s file to be easily accessed throughout the hospital.