Quality clinical care is your main concern. eDemand is your solution.

When focused on delivering the best patient care, there’s no time to chase down forms, label, scan and index documents. With eDemand, there’s no need.

To eliminate these administrative hassles, eDemand delivers thousands of digital clinical forms, always current and compliant. This eliminates expensive and potentially outdated pre-printed forms and bar-coded labels, saving your hospital tens of thousands of dollars each year and tons of paper, literally.

 Access electronic clinical forms with a mouse click.

With Precision, you can access more than 35,000 clinical forms to make your job easy. For your most common treatments, we’ll create custom form packs with accessibility as easy as point ‘n click. Then eDemand does the rest for you – generating compliant forms pre-populated with patient information and embedded bar-codes. Because our solutions are compatible with EMR systems, all patient information is available throughout your hospital. Rest assured, eDemand is equipped with Downtime Recovery Processes, so you can deliver the best patient care even in adverse conditions. 

An easy transition, guaranteed

During planning, implementation and training, Precision is on-site to work with your staff. Our goal is to have you up and running within 60 days. Afterwards, we provide 24/7/365 support with technical assistance and and we develop new or updated forms, as you need them. All for one monthly service fee…no strings attached or hidden costs.