Positive patient identification with photo hospital bracelets

Treating the right patient with the right medical care is essential for patient safety. Innovative technology from Precision’s eAdmit solution ensures every patient is positively identified—even if they are unable to identify themselves—with barcoded photo wristbands.

Safeguard your hospital against fraud and ensure patient safety

With PDS photo bracelets, practitioners know who they are treating and bar-coded technology allows them to view the patient’s course of treatment—dramatically reducing errors and improving patient care quality.

Photo wristbands are especially helpful in situations where patients are not able to converse to confirm their identity.

In pediatrics, patient security and safety is a top priority. With PDS, a photo of a each child’s guardian is captured at registration and printed on the wristband so staff knows who is allowed in the room and responsible for making treatment decisions.

Full compliance with The Joint Commission

Our photo wristbands contain several pieces of identifying information so you can rest assured that your hospital is in compliance with The Joint Commission's two-identifier rule and also, similar expectations by CMS, DoH, DNV, AAAHC, AAAASF, AOA, and HFAP.