Process electronic prescriptions safely and securely

Why risk losing faxed prescription orders when you can send them electronically in a safe and secure way? pScript provides prescription order automation from hospital clinical areas directly to the pharmacy. This solution confirms order delivery, provides real-time status, and enables two-way communication via alerts, pages and emails. 

Monitor RX workflow for operational improvements

Through its web-based interface, pScript is easy to use with intuitive dashboards that make it simple to send your prescriptions to the pharmacy, complete with a link to the image of the physician’s order, and confirmation receipt. Additionally, pScript has powerful reporting capabilities allowing you to track and manage all RX workflow processes, generate utilization reports, perform trending analysis and intervention activities.


Secure real-time order status and easy-to-use search and retrieval

HIPAA PHI-traceability and time stamp auditing

Bar-code recognition

Customizable pharmacist dashboard 

Compatible with most scanners and fax machines

Pen-based order entry (PBOE) to eliminate manual order scanning 

Robust report generation for continuous process improvements