Automate fax communication

With pFax, you quickly replace paper faxing as the primary form of communicating PHI and medical records. This electronic solution collects orders and directs them to a hospital or physician-specific repository for paperless scheduling and processing. Specifically designed for hospitals, pFax eliminates the need for other licenses that often do not work in healthcare settings. 

Upgrade the quality of clinical and EHR reports

pFax improves the quality of information released including clinical reports to physicians and electronic medical records to third parties. Regardless of your HIS report format, pFax enhances data presentation, including color and graphics. For on-demand medical records, pFax provides job build functionality to compile different media formats and create one comprehensive report. All Health Information Management reports are presented in a high quality format with reliability and HIPAA-traceability.

With multi-physician, page and patient capabilities, pFax is the only solution you need for internal and external electronic fax communications.


Customized reporting with logos, signatures, charts and graphs

Single HIPAA cover page transmission for multiple physician patients

Multi-patient processing and rules-based routing

Order annotation and notation tracking

Batch processing with location intelligence reduces paper waste at physician office

Comprehensive reporting with opt-in, opt-out conditions

Works with all HIS programs