Optimize operating room utilization with on-time surgical starts

For every surgical case, you receive dozens of emails, faxes and paper documents from surgeons’ offices, labs, PCPs and other providers outside of the hospital. You don’t have time to track down lost faxes, fill in missing information on patient forms or update expired documents. All of this can delay surgeries, cost your hospital thousands of dollars every day and negatively affect patient and physician satisfaction. When you’re managing dozens of surgeries every day, it’s critical to start them on time.

With eSurgical Chart, you can easily build digital patient charts with pre-defined required documentation based on logic and business rules. All emailed, faxed and scanned documents are digitally stored in each patient’s file so you can spend time preparing your patient for surgery – not tracking down disparate documents. And when the surgery is complete, the system generates the barcodes needed for quick and easy discharge scanning into the patient’s EHR.

Minimize chart errors with customized digital surgical charts

With workflow tools and web-based portals for scheduling and administrative resources, eSurgical Chart helps you effortlessly manage chart assembly, chart readiness and regulatory compliance of expired documents. Electronic dashboards help prioritize activities, assure chart quality, and offer “sticky” note style messaging between nursing and support staff. 

Easy, yet secure accessibility

All patient and treatment information is presented digitally so nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists and HIM staff can access and process with their own workflows. eSurgical Chart is fully compliant with HIPAA and Joint Commission. Plus, it’s fully compatible with your HIS and clinical systems so you never have to worry about system integration issues.