Knowledge is power. We provide you with both.

Since print output is disparate throughout your organization, it’s likely that the overall cost is a mystery. Trust us, it’s high…Gartner estimates up to 3% of your annual revenue! Only Precision provides you with the Power of Information by capturing and consolidating your data into a simple reporting structure. Accurate statistics are the first step to informed economic decisions, leading to greater efficiency, productivity and guaranteed operational cost reduction.

Detailed reports for continuous improvement.

Precision will not only provide, but also will analyze the information necessary to truly manage your device fleet and drive exponential cost reduction over time. Our report suite includes these high-level reports and more:

  • Executive Summary
  • Print Volume by Department and Device
  • Cost per Page by Department and Device
  • Optimization Strategies & Impact
  • Monthly Cost & Usage Tracking
  • Service Value Report

We share common goals: efficiency, productivity, ongoing cost control.

Quarterly, a PDS consultant will meet with those responsible for your output fleet with an overview of your print operations. We’ll report on current usage, service levels and customer satisfaction. Most important, we’ll provide forward-thinking recommendations on load balancing, fleet optimization and continued cost reduction.

We’ll also provide unbiased equipment recommendations to insure that your fleet is structured to deliver the highest quality, lowest cost output.