Supply management—leave the cost and responsibility to us.

Central to Precision’s unique business model is that we immediately assume full responsibility and risk for the cost, management and performance of your printer supplies. We ensure that quality supplies are there as needed so you no longer have to tie up capital to hold supplies in stock.

Our consumables take the lead in quality and yield

Precision will start the relationship by paying you for your current toner inventory and replacing it with cartridges we manufacture enabling us to insure the highest level of quality and yield. Cartridges that are not manufactured by PDS but remain part of the program will either be OEM or from one of our certified partners who are subject to our quality standards.  Consumables are provided as part of our cost-per-page contract, freeing up your capital that is currently tied up in inventory. We deliver to designated inventory locations within each facility or to the end users’ desktop. And we pick up empty cartridges and provide  client sustainability reports for your eco initiatives.

Best-in-class equipment solutions and advice

Our primary goal is the same as yours: managing, reporting and optimizing your existing printer fleet. Our focus is on your operating results, NOT equipment sales. Unlike our competitors, Precision has no vested interest in any one printer company. However we are knowledgeable on all and represent multiple manufacturers so we can recommend the best solutions for each client’s print environment – functionality, workflow, IT requirements and budgetary needs.