Securing PHI at all levels, including end-of-wire devices

While securing PHI is top priority, end-of-wire devices are often overlooked leaving your organization vulnerable. Precision provides a professional services group committed to your output security on all levels and all devices. Our comprehensive device security assessment combines electronic data collection tools, walkthroughs, and departmental interviews leading to a full report on the fleet detailing potential problems, recommendations and action items. In addition, we provide hard drive disposal services and HIPAA/NIST level compliance assurance around PHI protection for device removal with certification.

Output management that keeps pace with the digital trend 

Enterprise EHR/EMR systems are becoming commonplace as healthcare organizations rapidly go digital. Yet, almost every “paperless” organization still needs to print documents, clinical reports, discharge notifications, and more. Precision will ensure that your printer fleet – quality, reliability, failover ability, proximity and ease of use – keeps pace with today’s speed of information, clinical decision making and compliance requirements.

With our expertise in healthcare digital workflow solutions, we partner to help you design the best total output strategy.

Proactive print governance to fit your enterprise needs

To maximize your fleet performance, Precision can establish and implement enterprise-specific print policies, such as print-on-demand, rules-based routing, mobility printing and reporting by end users, to name a few.