Say good-bye to printer problems with preventive maintenance 

With a common goal to optimize your printer fleet, Precision does not wait for problems to occur. Instead, we are proactive with preventive maintenance to ensure that your printers work when you need them. Since we know you need them all the time, our uptime guarantee is 98%. Unique to PDS, we base each printer’s preventive maintenance schedule on usage. Long before each printer reaches maximum capacity, our technicians receive a red flag report and are on-site to fix any problems before they occur. And because we treat your printers like our own, we often provide hot swap printers for high volume locations. 



A national fleet of PDS-employed technicians, at your service 

Precision’s team of on-site technicians and customer service specialists are experienced in providing support in the healthcare setting. They are equipped with the training, knowledge and responsibility to provide equipment support in high-demand patient areas and understand the sensitivity of protected health information they may encounter.

All service is included and performed with consistent quality by our national team of PDS-employed technicians, the largest and best trained fleet of service professionals in managed print. We offer a 24/7/365 service option and SLA response times ranging from 1-4 hours.